TheCool Fashion + Margin Tradeshow Event Review

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FashionUnited + New Venue, New Season, New Brands at Margin London

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FashionUnited + International Brands at Margin in New Olympia Venue

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NEW! + Margin Shop Tour Video + No52, Oslo, Norway +

Based in a leafy borough of Oslo, No52 provide classic casual clothing and footwear for men and women + With a mix of international and homegrown designs, brands include n.d.c. made by hand, Mauro Grifoni, MoMa, Get Lost, Anouk, NN.07, Mads Norgaard, Dundup, and Le Specs +

NEW! + Margin Shop Tour + Robins Hood, Kristiansand, Norway +

Independent Robins Hood was the first board sports store in the charming Norwegian city of Kristiansand to offer state and streetwear when they opened 10 years ago, and has since added stores in Karmoy & Oslo + Alongside hardware and decks from the likes of Plan B, Real and Royal, clothing and accessories brands include […]

NEW! + Margin Shop Tour + Kubo, Venice, Italy +

Small but perfectly formed, Kubo, named after the cube-shaped dimensions of the store, offers fresh sneakers and footwear to Venetian locals as well as the crowds of foreign tourists who pass through the islands + Clean and simple design elements (check out the laces-curtain and luxe padded seating) make for a contemporary breath of fresh […]

Exhibitor Preview + Being Equal + Menswear + AUG 2011

Exhibitor Preview + Mulo + AUG 2011

Exhibitor Preview + Yull + AUG 2011

Exhibitor Preview + Jinga Shoes + FEB 2011 +