FashionUnited + International Brands at Margin in New Olympia Venue

Thanks to FashionUnited:

NEW! + Margin Shop Tour + Robins Hood, Kristiansand, Norway +

Independent Robins Hood was the first board sports store in the charming Norwegian city of Kristiansand to offer state and streetwear when they opened 10 years ago, and has since added stores in Karmoy & Oslo + Alongside hardware and decks from the likes of Plan B, Real and Royal, clothing and accessories brands include […]

NEW! + Margin Shop Tour + Kubo, Venice, Italy +

Small but perfectly formed, Kubo, named after the cube-shaped dimensions of the store, offers fresh sneakers and footwear to Venetian locals as well as the crowds of foreign tourists who pass through the islands + Clean and simple design elements (check out the laces-curtain and luxe padded seating) make for a contemporary breath of fresh […]

NEW! + Margin Shop Tour + Concrete Images Store, Amsterdam & Den Haag+

Concrete Image Store, Amsterdam + Directional streetwear, limited-edition sneakers, and collectible vinyl all presented in an innovative space (check out the unique clothes hangers), Concrete provides the hard-to-find products that ensure individuality. From limited-range Nike to Medicom toys, Griffin bikes to Billionaire Boys Club, both of the Concrete stores, in Amsterdam and Den Haag, bring […]

Exhibitor Preview + Jinga Shoes + FEB 2011 +

Exhibitor Preview + C1RCA Select + FEB 2011 +

NEW! + Margin Shop Tour + Andwot Bristol +

Andwot, Bristol + Tucked away in a basement on the charming Christmas Steps, Bristol label Andwot has created a fittingly underground cavern for underground Bristol designers and artists to sell their wares. With new Bristol start-up brands like Bake Designs and Who Clothing alongside their own range, Andwot offer new garments with rare and vintage […]

NEW! + Margin Shop Tour + Abricot Bilbao Spain +

Abricot, Bilbao + Opened six months ago in the town made famous by the Guggenheim Museum, Abricot have found their niche in the capital of the Basque Country of Northern Spain Bilbao with design-led skatewear and accessories brands such as King Apparel, Nixon and Urbanears. Abricot is one of only a cherished few independent stores […]

Exhibitor Preview + St Vacant + February 2010 + GILD

Exhibitor Preview + Zelley + February 2010 + GILD