Art + August 2008 + Photography + Fatsarazzi

Margin August 2008 + Photography in the Margin Media Area by the Blog Father + Fatsarazzi +
Fats Shariff is a mastermind of the fashion industry & has an instinct for tapping into the zeitgeist. Born and raised in London, Fats’ diverse career in fashion spans 22 years during which he mainly worked as a creative production and design consultant. Fats is part of an on-line community, where he has come to be known as ‘the Blogfather’. He writes for some of the largest Global Blogs such as Hybebeast and Slamxhype, not only informing, but also instigating change within the industry.

Once part of integral streetwear company Gimme 5, Fats is now the photographer of choice for quality, insight & original Streetwear treatments. He has worked on influential labels such as Silas, Vans, Maharishi, Gimme 5, GoodEnoughUk, and A Bathing Ape to name a few, and has shaped European Streetwear through his opinion and photography.

As a sought after photographer for his trend-setting talent (earning him yet another moniker of ‘the Urban Cyclops’), Fats has VIP access to events around the world and his native very happening city of London, which he admits never ceases to inspire him. This close relationship with London feeds his creative photography when shooting imagery for brand campaigns and fashion editorial alike.

The culmination of all this experience led to the establishment of What When and Now, a visionary trends forecasting resource that taps into the lives of people like himself who live in a world where the future has already happened.

Fats embodies so much of what we consider street wear & street culture that his opinion whether visual or verbal, is always worth seeking out.
A selection of photographs by Fats will be on display in the Magazine Media Area at Margin London in August 2008 +

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