Feeling the Love +

“At FiftyEight we are always looking for distinctive fashion designers and at Margin you certainly find it. A great show.” + FiftyEight +

Feeling the Love +

“Margin was fab. Saw some great bits from Antoinette and Jolita. Very friendly as well always a plus. Wonder what’s on my CD?” + Cerise +

Feeling the Love +

“Loved the show as usual, will be back next time.” + Coco Violet +

Feeling the Love +

“As usual Margin helps me to find the quirkiest clothing ranges for men and women and also accessories. I enjoyed this season very much with a great selection in jewellery and a strong womenswear display. I made a lot of orders which saves me having to run around agencies to find new blood. Brilliant show […]

Drapers Report +

Drapers Report: highlighting exhibitors at the August 2009 edition including: Ultrarama, Jojo & Mac, Denz & Son, Geelamuay, New Love Club, Vestal Watches, Unequal Balance, Tree Hugger, Bagslag, Arms, Oak Jeans, Isis Cashmere, and Hox Boutique.

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August 2009 Exhibitor Pics +

ANTOINETTE ARMS BAGSLAG “Had an awesome time at Margin, lots of new stockists to come!” Bagslag + BANTUM “Thanks for the show, really happy with how it went and loved the venue. We took orders at the show, some big boys showed some interest, and international style sites took some snaps. I feel its our […]

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