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Exhibitor Preview + February 2010 + Hypnosis + Selvage

Exhibitor Preview + February 2010 + Laundry Maid Jeans + Selvage

Exhibitor Preview + Selvage + Oak Jeans

Exhibitor Preview + Kreateur + Germain Minette

Exhibitor Preview + Selvage + Syke

Exhibitor Preview + Selvage + Trousers London

Feeling the Love

“Great show once again! We were so pleased with the reaction towards our label Loreak Mendian, resulting in some really great stores picking the label up from the show. Always the best tradeshow for us to make great contacts with both press & buyers. Many thanks for all of your support & look forward to […]

Feeling the Love

“Thank you again for providing a great show. Great energy and vibe at the new venue. Plenty of familiar faces and lots of new interest also. Margin is a real booster for the brand and we always look forward to taking part.” + Trousers London +