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“The fantastic location and intimate venue provided the perfect exhibition opportunity for us; we could see all our existing buyers under one roof, plus potential buyers were happy to peruse the entire show due to its unintimidating proportions. See you next time Margin! x ” + Found +

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Exhibitor Preview + Uncommonly Beautiful + FEB 2010 + GILD

Exhibitor Preview + Sneakart + February 2010 + GILD

Exhibitor Preview + February 2010 + Frank & Faith + TraidFare

Exhibitor Preview + February 2010 + Laundry Maid Jeans + Selvage

Exhibitor Preview + February 2010 + Elenany + 101

Feeling the Love +

“Great show, great vibe, great staff, and I look forward to next season” + Tree Hugger +

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ANTOINETTE ARMS BAGSLAG “Had an awesome time at Margin, lots of new stockists to come!” Bagslag + BANTUM “Thanks for the show, really happy with how it went and loved the venue. We took orders at the show, some big boys showed some interest, and international style sites took some snaps. I feel its our […]