Feeling the Love

“Thanks for such an amazing Regenerate Debut! Margin was a success all round.” + Regenerate http://www.regenerateclothing.com/

Party + Margin London + February 2008 + Deers, Kulte, Kitsune

Margin hosted two parties during London Fashion Week, the first pre-show party took place on Saturday the 9th February in association with Bread & Honey, Deers, and Kulte. Under the open roof of members club Century in Soho, exhibitors, buyers and press indulged in cocktails courtesy of Pommery Pop Champagne and danced under the stars […]


Amazing write-up on Margin by the “Blogfather” himself, Fatsarazzi + we’re humbled + Read the post by clicking on it + WhatWhenAndNow.com WhatWhenAndNow.com

Feeling the love

“This was Marmalade Ho’s third time at Margin and the response has got better and better. It was great to see familiar faces and catch up, as well meeting new contacts. Margin is very friendly and relaxed, it’s a great chance for independents to meet the big boys (and girls) in the game. Looking forward […]

Art + February 2008 + Lucy Oldfield

LUCY OLDFIELD Artist and illustrator Lucy Oldfield displayed her prints in the Gallery Area at the February 2008 edition of Margin. Since graduating, Lucy has built up a wide range of clients, most recently producing including illustration work for Amelias Magazine, Orange, 55DSL, The Times, the Sunday Express and National Rail. Her work is detailed […]

Music + February 2008 + Nublu Records

NUBLU Margin London was pleased to welcome the sounds of New York Club and Record Label Nublu who provided the soundtrack to the February 2008 edition. As well as providing the backing soundtrack to the show, Nublu provided a limited-edition Margin CD exclusively for Margin visitors featuring new tracks from their stable of artists. When […]

Art + February 2008 + Pimp Guides Magazine + Pimp Art

PIMP We were pleased to welcome Pimp Magazine and Pimp Art who installed their art in the Magazine Lounge at Margin London in February 2008. PIMP ART is the new artist agency and subsidiary arm of the PIMP collective. The PIMP platform has formed a roster of some of the most prolific artists worldwide, boasting […]

Party + Margin London + February 2008 + Deers, Kulte, Kitsune

The second mid-show party took place on Monday the 11th February organised by Margin exhibitors Bantum, Death Industries England, M.Y Clothing, Marmalade Ho and Regenerate,

Feeling the love

“Almost didn’t make it down to Margin this season, but really glad we did… a lot of new and exciting brands. Well done.” + Bespoke Boutique, Norwich +

Feeling the love

“I really enjoyed it, fantastically good show… It’s young and vibrant and everyone’s friendly as well so that’s a really good positive thing about it” + American Retro, London +