Exhibitor Preview + Lua Lua + February 2010 + GILD

Exhibitor Preview + Rock n Retro + February 2010 + GILD

Exhibitor Preview + Me & Zena + February 2010 + GILD

Exhibitor Preview + Zelley + February 2010 + GILD

Exhibitor Preview + Lazy Oaf + February 2010 + The Tee Room

Feeling the Love +

“We had such a great time at Margin and I couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome. I took written orders from shops in Tokyo, Spain, Ireland, Scotland and England. I never in my wildest dreams expected Girl From Blue City to be available in Japan by the end of the year, it is totally […]

Feeling the Love +

“We”ve just spent the past few days in London at the MARGIN trade show, very exciting! We”re receiving more and more interest in the UK from both stockists and the press. We”re looking forward to the future and are so happy we have the opportunity to share our designs with the world!” + Urban Originals […]

Feeling the Love +

“Margin was fab. Saw some great bits from Antoinette and Jolita. Very friendly as well always a plus. Wonder what’s on my CD?” + Cerise +

Feeling the Love +

“As usual Margin helps me to find the quirkiest clothing ranges for men and women and also accessories. I enjoyed this season very much with a great selection in jewellery and a strong womenswear display. I made a lot of orders which saves me having to run around agencies to find new blood. Brilliant show […]

Exhibitor Preview + GILD + Urban Originals