Exhibitor Preview + GILD + St Vacant

Feeling the Love

“A great show to launch the Eastpak Fall/Winter 09 Apparel, with an atmosphere ideally suited to showcase our ranges to a ‘Who’s Who’ of UK retailers. Thank you for making it a very easy process.” + Eastpak +

Feeling the Love

“Great show once again! We were so pleased with the reaction towards our label Loreak Mendian, resulting in some really great stores picking the label up from the show. Always the best tradeshow for us to make great contacts with both press & buyers. Many thanks for all of your support & look forward to […]

Sportswear International Report

Exhibitor Preview + Selvage + Eastpak

Exhibitor Preview + Selvage + Loreak Mendian

Exhibitor Preview + Kreateur + Arms

Exhibitor Preview + TraidFare + Credau

Feeling the Love

“The reason we come to the show is that it’s a tight selection, you get to speak to the designers, and bridge the gap between big brands and something unique and exclusive to our stores. We’ve been before and picked up a few brands, one of which I think we put down two thousand pounds […]

Exhibitor Preview + Kreateur + Vault