A small selection of just some of the feedback we’ve received from visiting buyers, press, as well as exhibitors +

Feedback + Exhibitors, Buyers, and Press +

Exhibitors +

“Thank you for putting together an amazing show that allows for young, independent designers to gain more exposure! It was an exciting time and a great first-time tradeshow experience. Your promotional posts on upcoming brands went above and beyond what any other organizer may do. For Cheek LDN, it was an excellent opportunity for press and getting orders!” CHEEK LDN

“Great contacts at the Margin London trade show over the weekend.”

“Margin for us was a great experience for our first time at a trade show. The help and advice provided was extremely useful and we feel it is a great platform for upcoming brands to showcase their collection.”THFKDLF

“Thank you very much for having me at Margin. I had a very good experience.”

“Margin is a great space to interact with all aspects of the fashion industry! It also provided us with an opportunity to put our foot in through the door. We had a great experience at Margin.”

“Thanks to Margin I made good connections in the UK and took part at IFF in Tokyo. Show was good, learnt a lot and have great contacts now.”
Dream Nation

“Back from two days at Margin London with Less Clothing. Got some great responses from some some amazing press and buyers! Going to be an exciting 2013. Thanks to Margin for being great organisers!!”
Less Clothing

“Margin was our first trade show experience and it couldn’t have been better. We made many amazing contacts and the team really looked after us.”
Rory Hutton London

“I enjoyed the whole experience at Margin and the exchange program it provides. Margin provides a really good platform for young up-and-coming designers.”
Judy Wu

“I would thoroughly recommend Margin to any new labels looking to exhibit. The small, intimate venue is a cost effective way of showcasing your products, and the quality of stores attending the show meant that the enquiries we had were from serious buyers.”

“Margin is needed. For me it helps to fill the gap for relevant brands that may get overshadowed by the larger brandcentric shows. If you’re looking, you will find something here. As a buyer and seller it is an essential (and more relaxed) stopping point on my tradeshow calendar.”
Boy Parker Distribution

“Thanks Margin! Once again we were able to meet a great bunch of buyers, press and brands all in one room. The intimacy of the show is a real plus for an emerging brand like our own as you’re not over-looked as you would be with other shows. The atmosphere was warm and friendly and great contacts were made in all areas of the industry. See you next year.”
Humdrum Apparel

“Thanks for having us at Margin again. We had a very productive couple of days. Just about recovered now.”

“Thank you for providing the perfect platform to launch our brand into the industry – with Margin’s help we were able to speak directly with interested buyers and press in a relaxed and controlled environment.”
Thom Will Love

“It was great to exhibit at Margin to celebrate it’s tenth year. It’s always a pleasure to meet new and existing stockists in the friendly environment Margin creates. This season has been no exception with enquiries coming even before the show thanks to Margin’s reputation and continued media exposure. A strong International store presence at the show is a sign of Margin’s relentless commitment over the years to promoting up-and-coming designers and established brands.” Seventyseven 

“Thanks for having me! Wonderful show!!”
My Vintage Affair

“Thanks to the brands & customers present/new who we met at Margin over the past 2 days. It was an absolute pleasure!” Ichiban

“I had a very good time at Margin. I’m looking forward to next time.” Slow Dance

“It was very successful exhibition for us and Silas crew were happy” Silas

“Trade shows can be a daunting experience for a start-up brand; making the first step can be difficult. That’s when Margin comes into the equation. A true eclectic mix of similar-minded individuals, all with the same goal of achieving status within the industry. I can honestly say that by appearing at Margin, the brand has been able to make contact with previously impossible-to-reach figures mainly due to finance. Exposure to press, buyers and, as importantly, other brands starting-up has allowed Play Money to advance in leaps and bounds, and all this due to my valuable experience at Margin. Thanks again guys and a Happy 10th anniversary.” Play Money

“We had a great time at Margin London, the perfect exhibition for 2wnt4’s global debut. The setting was professional, yet intimate enough to allow buyers and press to get a feel for the collection and the people behind the brand. Definitely a good place to go whether you’re an indie brand making your debut or looking for the next big thing!” 2wnt4

“Margin show was spectacularly successful for us once again!”
C Grand London

“Thanks Margin! We had fun and now we are super excited, yey!”
Pogostick Failure

“Thank you for an amazing two days.”

“Fantastic reaction for the Obey Fall 2011 Ladies Collection at Margin London! Great Show, Thanks!” OBEY 

“Thanks for organising Margin and your attention to detail meant many buyers were already looking for us before we arrived at the show and we opened several new accounts! Margin provided us with an intimate yet relaxed environment to meet and talk with buyers, and a great safe space to exhibit our collection.”
Isy & Peeps

“I am so proud to be a part of Margin this year, being surrounded by such talent and creatives. I just want to say a big thank you to the show.”
D’Sycha Symone

“Had an amazing time at Margin London met some wonderful people and got some great orders.”
Sacred Stitches

“Thanks for having us at Margin. We had a great 2 days, and wrote some decent orders to boot!”
The Affair

“The show was fantastic! I highly recommend it to other designers. Our range received a lot of attention from press and buyers and the fashion editor of Cosmopolitan magazine has shown interest in a dress for the front cover which is incredible recognition for a young brand! Well done, it was a great show.”
Eva Evanovich

“This was our first time at Margin & we loved it. Absolutely the best intimate environment that lets buyers focus on every one of the brands exhibiting. Buyers & press from all over the world was great exposure for Heureka. We would love to be there again!”

“Margin is the understated cool of tradeshows – intimate and very focused. The exhibitors were such amazing talents and we are pleased to have made new friends and gathered some really great contacts!”

“Margin has been a great place for us to meet new buyers, press, bloggers & distributors without having to deal with any timewasters. Everyone who helps put the show together is helpful, friendly & full of useful information. Above all, it was really cool to meet the people behind all the other brands & share stories & advice with them. If you haven’t done this show, do it now!”

“Yet again Margin is the show this season that out-shone the big homogenised shows that are around at this timing. Time and time again jaded buyers were telling me how dull and lacklustre the other shows are and how refreshing and diverse Margin always is. Well done guys, a great atmosphere, a great location, and a great event.”
Frank & Faith

“Margin was great for us this year. We picked up orders both UK and International and some positive interest from key buyers and press. Margin is a good platform for new and blossoming brands.”
New Love Club

“Ridley & Dowse really enjoyed Margin, with it’s great location and relaxed atmosphere. Good to be amongst some really interesting brands. We look forward to showing there again” Ridley & Dowse

“The best thing I have ever done so far. I’ve learned so much. Thanks for your wonderful support!” Emilythepemily

“As always Margin was a refreshing show to be at for Vestal. It’s always nice to see new faces and retailers that share the same passion and interest when buying for their stores as we do in presenting our brands. Our watch collection was again well received along with the launch of our new eyewear range Vestal Vision. Margin seems to have its own unique way of being able to create the right environment for exhibitors and retailers to do business. Thank you from all of us at Vestal.” Vestal Watches

“Great people, great atmosphere, great clothes!!”

“I thought it was a great show, intimate with a good atmosphere and relaxed but professional attitude from the exhibitors and buyers, I think you do a great job of marketing the event before, during and after the show, I’m properly impressed.”

“The fantastic location and intimate venue provided the perfect exhibition opportunity for us; we could see all our existing buyers under one roof, plus potential buyers were happy to peruse the entire show due to its unintimidating proportions. See you next time Margin!”

“It was my first time at Margin with my new collection and I loved it! The place where it was held was very intimate and just right for my brand, a great starting point for KnK Clothing. It was very organised and met some great people too, very worthwhile.”

“Margin ROCKS! What a great atmosphere! Our first ever trade show and we are so amazed at the interest we have received we would definitely be keen to be in the next one!!!”
Kalman Lee

“Just wanted to thank you for a well organized show. Didn’t expect presence from an international audience. Great first show, orders placed and networked on an international scale with key press and buyers.”
Ashley Marc Hovelle

“Thanks Margin, you gave us space to breathe at your show. Making a feature out of our art pieces played to the strength of our brand, and shows your willingness to support new talent and help it grow!” Conquer

“Thank you so much for your help, Margin has been the best thing that has happened to the brand.”
Villainous Visard

“It was great to catch up with our buyers and meet new ones, they always love to have a real feel of the collection so it was good to be able give them that at Margin.”
Lazy Oaf

“It was a great opportunity to get our label out in front of key buyers/bloggers/press and to make valuable contacts with people in the industry. Margin has a really nice laid back feel to it as well which really helps when you are starting out in the world
of tradeshows. It was a successful few days for us and we will no doubt be returning.”

“Margin was a great trade show experience. We were really pleased with the outcome of the Margin show and thanks for all you hard work! The whole event was run very professionally and had an atmosphere of fun and kindness. Thanks again and see you next time.”

“Margin was perfect to showcase our first collection. We got a brilliant response and it was great to meet Buyers from all of the UK’s major cities and Europe. With Magazines from Brazil, Greece and Switzerland, it gave the show a real international feel too. Odysseas and his crew looked after us and made sure everything ran smoothly. The show has introduced us to new businesses and exposure which is fantastic for launching our brand.” Jojo & Mac

“We’re so glad we chose Margin as our first trade show. The venue was great, the organisers and exhibitors were really helpful and friendly. We took orders from around the UK and also had lots of interest from more buyers & press. Margin has provided us with some great exposure, perfect for expanding the Rock n Retro brand. Thanks so much!”
Rock n Retro

“Thank you so much for the great show and great atmosphere.”
Lua Lua

“Margin is a well curated and exciting show. This was Mr Wingate’s second season exhibiting at Margin and I am pleased to have both written orders and made great contacts. For Mr Wingate, Margin is the best show to exhibit at in London.”
Mr Wingate

“Thanks to the Margin family. We had the best time, with the coolest people, great location, super well organised, best atmosphere and great business. Thank you so much for having us at your show. See you next year!!! You guys rock!”

“Thanks for the show, really happy with how it went and loved the venue. We took orders at the show, some big boys showed some interest, and international style sites took some snaps. I feel its our time now and Margin gave us an awesome window for this.”

“Margin was a great launch pad for us. We met plenty of people and made some really good contacts. I would recommend Margin as a starting place for any newcomers. Great bunch of people and nice location.”
Zelley Bespoke

“We have just had a great show at Margin. Thanks to everyone who came along to see us”
Brat & Suzie

“Great show, great vibe, great staff, and I look forward to next season”
Tree Hugger

“We had such a great time at Margin and I couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome. I took written orders from shops in Tokyo, Spain, Ireland, Scotland and England. I never in my wildest dreams expected Girl From Blue City to be available in Japan by the end of the year, it is totally a dream come true! There were so many people I would never have met had I not attended Margin! Thank you for a great Margin, already discussing the next one and I can’t wait!”
Girl From Blue City

“A great show to launch the Eastpak Apparel, with an atmosphere ideally suited to showcase our ranges to a ‘Who’s Who’ of UK retailers. Thank you for making it a very easy process.”

“We”ve just spent the past few days in London at the MARGIN trade show, very exciting! We”re receiving more and more interest in the UK from both stockists and the press. We”re looking forward to the future and are so happy we have the opportunity to share our designs with the world!”
Urban Originals

“Margin has been a life changing experience for Kweku Clothing. I now have stockists in Sweden, Switzerland as well as retailers across the UK, not to mention online retail heavyweights such as ASOS. If your range is eye-catching you will generate interest. Margin is the best place to get noticed if you’re a small up-coming label!”

“We had a fantastic result from Margin, lots of new accounts with great stores and a great reaction from all the fashion press, can’t wait for the August show. Great event to launch a new brand, thank you.”
Cockney Empire

“As a first time exhibitor it’s hard to decide which show is the one that will cater to your market fully, never wanting to waste any opportunity. Perfectly Flawed found Margin to be a fun, light hearted, friendly environment where there was a great mix of styles, tastes and brands! The venue was chic and fitted in with the garments on display with a flux of buyers from all over the world all eager to see the next new label/Brand. What more could you ask for in a Trade show! Margin is the Mecca for all cool boutiques and labels alike.”
Perfectly Flawed

“Great event! A trade show that is cool, fresh, savvy, stylish & supports fairtrade. We got a great response and the whole experience was fuss free… what else you want in these tough days?”

“Margin was the best ever this season, lots of top quality buyers (as usual) and the Traidfare section attracted lots of ethical boutiques. Great atmosphere and brilliant location!”

“Margin proved great for my brand. As a first time exhibitor there, it was invaluable for meeting buyers from all around the UK and Europe, as well as meeting stylists and journalists.”
Katrina Brown

“Thank you again for providing a great show. Great energy and vibe at the new venue. Plenty of familiar faces and lots of new interest also. Margin is a real booster for the brand and we always looks forward to taking part.”
Trousers London

“Just wanted to say what a fantastic show Margin was, the new venue was amazing. I can’t believe that I can pick up even more contacts. The response we had for not only Nooka but our other brands was great and I can’t wait to bring them back for the next one.” Nooka

“Great to see you again and be a part of Margin, trade and interest were good for ShoeMissy for new accounts and existing customers, will definitely exhibit again!”

“We made our official launch at the London Margin tradeshow, the positive press attention was amazing and we were really excited to pick up some new UK stockists.”
Long Clothing

“Thanks to all the buyers, press and other exhibitors we met at Margin this weekend. Being only a few months old, it was an invaluable experience for us and we’ve gained loads of useful contacts and tips but most importantly, new accounts!”
Grizzly Nights

“For international designers the Margin show is a great prospect to present their brand to press and buyers that can give you strength to move forward. Great mix of cutting edge designers and streetwear designers… good atmosphere, great people, organization and really lovely designs!”
Anya Stehlik

“Great show once again! We were so pleased with the reaction towards our label Loreak Mendian, resulting in some really great stores picking the label up from the show. Always the best tradeshow for us to make great contacts with both press & buyers. Many thanks for all of your support & look forward to seeing you again in August.”
Loreak Mendian

“I was optimistic going into the show, but having missed exhibiting for a season, it was still a nice surprise to see Margin still busy with buyers and press. I opened some new accounts and had similar size orders from existing clients as at previous shows i’ve exhibited at with Margin. It’s still fresh and exciting to be at Margin. The venue is a good space for a show like this – a blank canvas for all the designers to exhibit in.”

“I’ve gotta say that, of all the tradeshows all over the world that I’ve shown at, you’ve got the best build up and promotion plan. Good work.”
Worn Out

“Thanks for another great show, best one yet!”
Worn Free / Lost Property

“We wrote super-orders and the visitors were stunned about our Nat-2 Project. Thanks to the Margin crew for all the good service, support and platform for our growing success in the fashion scene!”

“Margin is a breath of fresh air. It was refreshing to exhibit at a show which has all the boxes ticked in terms of the exhibitors and the visitors. A bright, relaxed, friendly show which is the perfect environment in which to do business. Don’t change a thing.”
Vacant & Pretty Vacant

“We thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. It was great to meet many of our loyal stockists face to face and of course getting the chance to meet new ones. We had an overwhelming response to our new collection, with new buyers from all over the world placing orders. The hard work starts now dealing with all our new stockists! We will definitely be back next season.”
Punky Pins

“Thank you so much for everything, we had a great response at Margin! It was a nice friendly and relaxed atmosphere and we made good contacts. It was fantastic to hear all the great feedback we had from buyers, stylists and magazines! We were over the moon! We are super busy now with orders from all over the U.K and Europe. We will definitely we showing again next season!”
Junkie Lovers

“Thank you so much for all of your very hard work and please could you thank all the staff that helped set up and do the door and make the show run so smoothly. For an independent brand it is difficult to survive in a world of superpowerful dynasties, doing margin has been an invigorating business move for missmilne. It was an intimate show with a lot of buzz surrounding it and we have found it to be a form of visibility that will help independent designers spearhead their impact.”

“We were incredibly surprised and happy with the response we had with our debut at Margin. The atmosphere was friendly and intimate, and it seemed that all the buyers and press felt at ease to give everyone attention. We’ve started some very exciting accounts and made great contacts so thank you Margin!”
Famous Forever

“It was my first time showing at MARGIN and I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. However, I needn’t have worried as it turned out to be a wholly fantastic (not to mention profitable!) experience. I’ll now most definitely become a MARGIN regular and am already looking forward to the next show.”

“As usual Margin was very successful for us and has been a huge factor in the growth of our brand. It is an ideal and affordable way to showcase our clothing to a wide variety of buyers from the UK and abroad. This season we wrote really good orders and the new venue worked well for us. The general feedback from buyers I spoke to was that while other shows had become more mainstream, unimaginative and commercial, Margin had stuck to its guns offering a far more exciting selection of niche brands with unique products.”
Heidi Seeker

“Margin was an excellent show for us. The Margin team have once again created a great environment for Seventyseven and other quality labels to meet with respected buyers from the U.K and around the world.”

“We love Margin, you guys have really done the best exhibitions that we have been to and you have really helped us and made us
believe in what we do so thank you for putting these shows on. Keep up the fantastic work.”

“I really appreciated the space and the atmosphere. I really appreciated the attention of the team of people who made MARGIN. Thank you team.”
Loreak Mendian

“Margin was a nice easy-style tradeshow where QWST was greeted with positive reaction for its different style and super quality collection. Orders were taken, photographers flashed and journalists from Europe to Japan greeted QWST with excitement and interest.” QWSTION

“Congratulations on a great show!!!!!!!! You had everything organised perfectly. Well done. I am very happy and so are OK47 and Geek Boutique with the value of orders we achieved at the show… not only did we get orders, but we’ve got a celeb wearing the brand on a regular basis on tv!!!”OK47

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“Margin is needed. For me it helps to fill the gap for relevant brands that may get overshadowed by the larger brandcentric shows. If you’re looking, you will find something here. As a buyer, it is an essential (and more relaxed) stopping point on my tradeshow calendar.”
Boy Parker

“Checked out the Margin trade show on their 10th birthday. Full of great independent designers.”
Off The Hook

“Good show guys. Happy 10th Birthday!”

“Great show, as always”

“Thank you for inviting us, very talented designers, we will be back”
Louie Thomas

“Thanks for having us. Happy ten year anniversary”
Steady Guy

“Margin is my destination show in London. I always head there first. I am guaranteed to find something new, maverick and inspiring for my store as well as stalwart brands that pride themselves on keeping things fresh and forward looking. It is a much more invigorating and refreshing buying environment than the bigger shows and the best place to find brands and products that my discerning customer base are guaranteed to get excited by. I eagerly anticipate the next edition!” Tyto

“Margin is always a great showcase for emerging, independent design. Its a platform for homegrown new talents but I always love the global aspect to it too. A definite must-see show for ASOS.”

“Great show AGAIN! Really excited this year as we had read through the exhibitor previews before our visit and we weren’t disappointed! Also, consistently impressed with passion & knowledge of the organisers.”
Eternal Envy

“It was a pleasure to attend your trade show. We were able to have an eye an some really promising brands.”

“I really enjoyed the Margin show again this season. It is definitely an essential stop for anyone seeking fresh new talent, the brands you exhibit are exciting and original. I highly recommend Margin for all retailers who are looking to discover unique and creative designers and I look forward to next years show!”
Stellar Boutique

“I think it’s really great. I always attend. The August show was great but
this was even more interesting. It’s a great mix.”
Get Cutie & Boy Parker

“Really well organised fashion exhibition at Margin. I would say to all try
and make that next time, a perfect window into UK independent fashion.”
Urban Couture

“Margin was fab. Saw some great bits from Antoinette and Jolita. Very friendly as well always a plus. Wonder what’s on my CD?” Cerise

“The reason we come to the show is that it’s a tight selection, you get to speak to the designers, and bridge the gap between big brands and something unique and exclusive to our stores. We’ve been before and picked up a few brands one of which I think we put down two thousand pounds as a first order and on repeats we actually increased that to 22 thousand pounds in one season, and that was just an injection range.”
Sarah Coggles

“I thought it was great. Well done for flying the fair-trade flag.”

“Margin proved to be the gem of this seasons fashion shows! The enthusiasm from the new and up coming brands really rubbed off on us and left us feeling upbeat for the season ahead especially after just having such a difficult selling period. Margin has reminded us why we got into this game in the first place…Urban Industry will be back for sure”

“We met some really sound brands at Margin London. Well worth the trip down!”

“It is good to see a trade show with fresh talent. We placed orders at the show and took back information to show our customers.”
Japan Strategies

“Loved the show as usual, will be back next time.”
Coco Violet

“A quick thanks for the show… Interesting innovative styles exhibited by positive and friendly designers. Look forward to the next one!”
Off the Hook

“The show was a success… I found some interesting collections.”

“I’ve been coming to Margin since the very first one and every time there’s something new and innovative. It seems to be the breeding ground for the newest designers coming out so it’s one definitely not to miss. Lovely womens brands in the tailoring area, loved the accessories which are so cool. It’s a nice environment, it’s relaxed as well, and it’s great that you’re selective as to who you have in the show.” Next Branded

“There was a fantastic mix of product and I spotted some new brands to look out for in the future.”

“Excellent. We advise our clients about which streetwear brands to distribute in Poland and I think you’re great. This season we’re researching to see the things our clients are going to like and advise them but next time I’m going to bring our buyers here to place orders direct.”

“For us the great thing it’s very young … very exciting and fresh
innovative collections.”

“Different to most shows, interesting to see new brands” Harrods

“The size of show is right, nice atmosphere, not pretentious, and always find somebody. Excellent show.”

“Outstanding brands.” Wood

“I think the greatest asset is the position, the atmosphere, the vibe. Very well attended, nice British feel to it and nice friendly vibe, people actually smile”

“Good product, very very good footwear.”

“Good mixture of brands. Vibe is always really good.” 290sqm

“Nice to talk to designers direct, it’s more intimate.”

“Margin is actually one of my favourite trade shows. I can always find fresh new directional brands offering something unique. It is also a great place to catch up with brands who are developing to a stage where they are ready to maintain a concession in the Topshop flagship store. More choice and variety, really nice vibe and really nice pieces.”
Top Shop Brands

“We thought this Margin was the best ever – great location, easy to see all the exhibitors and a nice relaxed atmosphere.”

“I am always looking for upcoming designers and can’t find them in the big fairs. I personally like the London designers, even if its not a big range, there is always something new for my customers” Geschwisterliebe

“I’d like to say that I enjoy Margin probably more than the other shows – I like the way you let new blood make their first forrays into our industry.”

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“The 10th anniversary edition of the London trade show again proved a happy hunting ground for young fashion buyers seeking out fresh talent and emerging brands.” Drapers

“Margin was abuzz with birthday excitement, as the show turned 10 this season. Over the course of the past decade, it has established itself as the given destination for start-up labels with limited budgets.”
Sportswear International

“Margin is known for it’s ongoing support and nurturing of new emerging brands that are given the opportunity to showcase alongside some already well established labels and present their product to an exclusive selection of buyers and press.” Fresh Habits

“Margin London is a tradeshow that showcases the UK’s finest independent talent, something we at The Daily Street fully back.”
The Daily Street

“This is a popular show with independent and department store buyers, who return season on season looking for exciting and edgy brands.” Drapers

“Thanks to Margin, the pulse of London fashion and the London lifestyle is tangible.” Kinki Mag

“On the whole Margin looks like a great success, in this current climate its good to see new brands working hard to make a name for themselves.” Better Never Than Late

“The intimate and inherently charming show that is Margin.”
Sportswear International

“Margin is still the place to go to find new talent.” Coolhunting

“Margin in London is the one and only trade event at which to discover exciting new design talent… the most successful, affordable and
directional event that gives new and emerging designers a high-profile and order-writing platform to meet with key buyers and press.” Cosmoworlds

“Thanks Margin: You bring a breath of fresh air back into the overcrowded fashion jungle. Your next date with us is already in the calendar!” Kinki Mag

“Just wanted to drop you a note to say congratulations for running such a great event, The Music Rooms were a super location for the show – very central. Margin has an intimate atmosphere and well edited collection of labels, and we discovered some fantastic new designers!” StyleSignal

“Margin captures the youthful, edgy style of the eco-aware London fashion brigade.” Green My Style

“Now to the one show that made me smile & have a little hope that some one is working at something that makes a difference & makes sense…MARGIN. By far the best exhibition that I have seen this season in London. Excellent mixture of labels & product…divided into sections that compliment each other, & labels that can excite. I was very happy to see some interesting labels from afar as Mexico & as close as Finland…& even closer still East London. As for the Labels, was more impressed with their Ecological Labels than the ones at the Tents…they seem more relevant & a bit more on point…or maybe it was the hands on feel of these labels… enough to make me smile & be happy that there is one show that can still deliver…well done MARGIN. ” Fatsarazzi

“Margin is still at the forefront of new streetwear fashion talent, providing an affordable stage where other shows fail to deliver.” Huck Magazine

“Debut, fledgling and import brands provided plenty of directional angles at the London streetwear show.” Drapers

“Really interesting. A good way to see what’s going on and get inspiration.” Vogue

“The buzz that was lacking at TBC was to be indulged in at Margin – this is a show that nicely captures the young and edgy London vibe with its laid-back feel and energetic array of young labels.”
Sportswear International

“At Margin, exhibitors, organizers and buyers alike were as fun-loving as ever, but focused enough to get down to serious business as well. The show is still, fittingly, marginal, but with big boys like XLARGE making an entrance, we hope that the intimate charm of the event will remain to be enjoyed for seasons to come.”
Sportswear International

“More interesting was Margin, which established its reputation for quirky boutique-driven collections.” Drapers

“Margin is one of the smallest events on the exhibition calendar, but nevertheless worth a visit if you’re looking for creative labels that will give your shop an edge. With its affordable pricing structure, it allows niche labels and up-and-coming talents to find a trading platform, and can claim success in providing a launch pad for many interesting brands in the past.” MWB