Ruby Rocks

10 Years of Margin London +
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With the February 2012 edition marking 10 Years of Margin,
we’re feeling retrospective +

We’re proud of the launchpad we’ve given to new & young brands over a decade of shows, so we’ll be looking back over the years at just some of the brands that have launched & grown at Margin +

Below we profile and hear from the two founders of Ruby Rocks, who started exhibiting their previous brands to buyers & press from the 2nd edition of Margin back in February 2003, before getting together to launch Ruby Rocks at Margin London in February 2007 +

Ruby Rocks

In a few short years, Ruby Rocks has established itself as the go-to brand for womens boutiques across the UK and further afield +

With new designs being added constantly to keep the offering fresh, Ruby Rocks takes inspiration from streetwear and vintage pieces to create affordable womenswear +

The two founders of Ruby Rocks used to both exhibit different brands at previous editions of Margin before getting together to launch Ruby Rocks to great success at the February 2007 edition of Margin London +

We’re proud to have provided a wholesale platform for the founders of Ruby Rocks over the years and to have helped bring them together as well as hosting their global debut + +

Ruby Rocks says:
Ruby Rocks at Margin London“We had exhibited from one of the very first Margin tradeshows with other brands that we had worked with, and saw how it could catapult a small new brand, a new idea.

The independent boutiques and the store buyers usually do not miss the Margin show as it is renowned for always having some innovative brands that no-body has yet seen.”

Ruby Rocks at Margin London“We launched at Margin, we had a lot of interest because we were a new brand, although we’d both been in the industry for many years between us, so lots of experience and knowledge under our belts, Ruby Rocks was a new venture.

The press came, took some pictures of our styles, which appeared in the next issues and the phone started ringing.
We haven’t looked back since.”

Ruby Rocks at Margin London
“Just do it!! You won’t regret it! Margin will open the world up to you, you will meet a great selection of buyers, all of them with years of experience and all open minded.

Plus you’ll meet some some other great brands who may be in the same situation as you.”

Ruby Rocks at Margin London“Well, Margin has moved location a few times, but no matter where it is, it always has the same philosophy, and that is to offer the best platform possible and the fairest to the new innovative up and coming brands and brand owners within the UK, not forgetting the American brands and other international brands that also make appearances there.”

Ruby Rocks at Margin London“The barriers are too high at the other shows, both financially and also because the other shows exclude certain levels of business.

It’s a refreshing show with none of the big multi thousand pound signages and frontages that aren’t really necessary anyway.

As the buyers know, product is king.”