Lazy Oaf

10 Years of Margin London +
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With the February 2012 edition marking 10 Years of Margin,
we’re feeling retrospective +

We’re proud of the launchpad we’ve given to new & young brands over a decade of shows, so we’ll be looking back over the years at just some of the brands that have launched & grown at Margin +

Below we profile and hear from Lazy Oaf who started exhibiting at Margin back in August 2003 +

Lazy Oaf

Lazy Oaf is a heart-warming home-grown streetwear success story that has gone global with their uniquely British perspective +

Adorable illustrations by founder Gemma Shiel are translated into fun and highly wearable clothing and accessories, including bags, jewellery, stationery, and even sticky tape +

Since making their trade debut at Margin back in 2003, Lazy Oaf have grown over the years to boast over 150 stockists worldwide including key boutiques such as Colette in Paris and department stores such as Selfridges +

We’re proud to have provided a wholesale platform for Lazy Oaf over the years and to have displayed their unique art at the show, from exhibiting the range of Evil Tony Dolls back in 2003 to welcoming the work of the Lazy Oaf Drawing Club in 2009 + +

Lazy Oaf says:
Lazy Oaf at Margin London +
“I loved the idea of a small show that was carefully curated to present great graphic and streetwear labels that are just starting out. It was affordable, simple and unintimidating.
Also everyone in the Margin team are super nice and friendly.”

Evil Tony Dolls by Lazy Oaf at Margin London
Lazy Oaf at Margin London +

“It’s crucial to have an affordable show when you are starting out as you just don’t have the funds to jump into a big show and make any kind of impact, everyone is on the same level at Margin, there are no dancing girls and flashing light stands as with other shows.”

Lazy Oaf at Margin London

Lazy Oaf at Margin London +

“Margin taught me very quickly that buyers are not this elusive special species of people, most are very friendly and approachable. It is a great opportunity to test your market and gauge buyers response to your product and get their advice and feedback on your ranges.

Margin is a great experience and is the place to be where the buyers are coming to you not the other way round, woo hoo. I think it is always important to be prepared with all the essentials: line sheet, price lists, always ask about their store and never fail to swap cards!”

Lazy Oaf at Margin London
“I started doing Margin and I was very new to it all, my look books were hand drawn booklets. I met lots of great stockists that I still do business with now from the UK, Japan and France.

I have also met and become best buddies with lots of fellow exhibitors over time too.

Margin gave me my first real shot at wholesaling my range to stores.”