Feeling the Love

“Thank you again for providing a great show. Great energy and vibe at the new venue. Plenty of familiar faces and lots of new interest also. Margin is a real booster for the brand and we always look forward to taking part.” + Trousers London +

Feeling the Love

“For international designers the Margin show is a great prospect to present their brand to press and buyers that can give you strength to move forward. Great mix of cutting edge designers and streetwear designers… good atmosphere, great people, organization and really lovely designs!” + Stehlik +

Exhibitor Preview + Kreateur + Bezem Y Mailan

Exhibitor Preview + Kreateur + Nuvaba Pagurna

Exhibitor Preview + Kreateur + Ohema Ohene

Exhibitor Preview + TraidFare + Credau

Margin moves to Mayfair

With major construction and restoration work taking place at the previous venue for the foreseeable future, Margin is pleased to announce that the upscale streetwear and directional tailoring trade show will be returning to Mayfair and the clean white minimalist gallery space of The Music Rooms. Regular visitors will know that The Music Rooms was […] News

Drapers August 2008

Drapers highlights Margin brands to watch