Art + August 2003 + Chairfix


Chairfix by Ben Wilson
Ben Wilson has collaborated with a group of artists to create
the Chairfix installation. The eco-friendly design is supplied
in one piece – all the components simply pop out of the frame
and are snapped together.

Artists including Pete Fowler, Will Barras, Luke Wilson and Remi/Rough all customised a chairfix kit that was displayed at the Mens edition of Margin London.

The customised chairs are going on to exhibit at the Aram store
before moving on to Belgium and Tokyo.

Chairfix by Art One
Akt One

Chairfix by Cork One
Crok One

Chairfix by Owen Wilson
Owen Wilson

Chairfix by Pete Fowler
Pete Fowler

Chairfix by Remi Rough
Remi Rough

Chairfix by Sarah Wilson
Sarah Wilson

Chairfix by Steff Plaetz
Steff Plaetz

Chairfix by Will Barras
Will Barras

Chairfix in Kit Form
Chairfix in Kit Form

Chairfix made into chair
Chairfix as Chair

Chairfix going onto exhibit at Aram
Chairfix going onto exhibit at Aram.

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