Art + August 2004 + Delta + Airside + SHT + Dan Sparkes + TDR: The Designers Republic

Warp Records commissioned new pieces that were displayed exclusively at Margin from their stable of visiting artists which included DELTA from the Netherlands, SHT from Australia, REDEUX, TDR and DAN SPARKES.

Delta, a Dutch-based artist, has been in the forefront of the European graffiti movement since 1984. Mixing wild-style graffiti with architectural lines, his futuristic signature style combines abstract and highly architectural painting that is recognized around the world.

Born and raised in Singapore, Chris Lim took an academic route and completed a graphic arts diploma in Melbourne. His detailed drawings reference the inevitable influences of hip hop and rave culture.


TDR: The Designers Republic is 18. The Designers Republic is currently Ian Anderson, Nick Bax, Matt Pyke, David Bailey, Dan Fleetwood, Abby Ribbands and Mark Cashman.


Established in 1999, Airside is a London-based design company.
Work to date includes:
skateboards for Carhartt, record sleeves for, among others, Azuli Records (Another Late Night series), various sleeves, pop promos and visuals for Lemon Jelly, websites for Paul Oakenfold and Richard Ashcroft, and stings and animations for MTV Europe. They have also produced best-selling t-shirts for films including Battle Royale, Shaun of the Dead, Zatoichi and Ring.

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