Exhibitor Preview + GILD + Esska

ESSKA Exhibiting in GILD at Margin London
ESSKA IN ACCESSORIES GILD  AT MARGIN LONDON Exhibiting in GILD at Margin, Esska is a new casual footwear brand making unique, high quality, and comfortable ladies footwear.
Souraya Karami, the designer behind Esska, originally trained and worked as an architect before studying footwear design at the renowned Cordwainers in London. It was not only her passion for shoes that led Karami to this shift in career, but mainly the fact that she and her friends could not find the shoes they liked. Shoes that are comfortable, beautiful, feminine and not over-designed. Shoes they could wear day and night.
Karami’s style is clear and unique: No embellishments, no clutter, no stilettos. The collection is created from organic silhouettes, clean lines, and dominant shapes.

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