Gamma Proforma + Record Label at Margin London + February 2011

Margin is pleased to welcome Gamma Proforma who will be providing the sounds of the February 2011 exhibition, as well as a limited-edition CD exclusively for visiting buyers and press featuring tracks from their roster of great artists +

Back in 2000 Irish Artist/DJ Rob Swain auctioned off slabs of his precious vinyl collection to raise funds to set up Gamma Proforma +

The idea was to create a new kind of label, beyond the traditional music model, a publisher that would embrace all forms with an emphasis on promoting the work of upcoming creatives via bespoke products, events and projects + With no single genre or discipline headlining, the label would take no references from any particular style or movement +

Conceived in Belfast, established in Edinburgh, developed in London, the label’s output has grown and diversified steadily each year +

Today Gamma Proforma is a vibrant art’s antagonist within the arches of underground music and graphic arts + Landmark releases from Parsley Monkphat, Third Shock and Fatalists have soundtracked the story that’s accompanied stunning artwork from the likes of Syd Mead, Elph, Paul Pope and others +

As well as providing the soundtrack and CD for the show in February 2011, Gamma Proforma will als be launching their first installment of limited-edition clothing at Margin London +

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