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Feature on the London Store
and Buyers at Bread & Honey

When frenchman Laurent Roure - former Bond international manager and current Margin trade show consultant - opened his own retail store in East London two years ago, he got out a book on cockney rhyming slang to find a name for it. Tom Bottomley talks taking money with the owner of Bread & Honey. His friend Odysseas was setting up the Margin trade show with the idea to promote and show new designers, brands and labels and make it *dynamic and affordable to do.* Having been approached by a lot of new street brands during his time at Bond, Roure was asked to join Odysseas to help him build up the reputation of the show. *It's very exciting to be able to help the new kids in the business and to discover new talents,* Roure comments. *Some of them have grown with the show and are now recognised brands - like Supreme Being and Lazy Oaf. It's also useful for keeping in touch with styles and trends and for talking to other retailers and gauging what's going on in the market.* Initially full-time on Margin, Roure now works on it part-time as a consultant, as well as bringing in new brands for Odysseas' new concept - a showroom on the internet which is *the next big venture.* Roure has already signed up Rushmoor, J shoes and Revolver Jeans among others for the concept.

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