Music + February 2005 + Ubiquity Records


Ubiquity Records from California returned to Margin in February 2005 with their range of music-influenced Mens- and womens-wear.

Ubiquity should still be toasting their success at being voted “Label of the Year” by Radio 1 Listeners on Gilles Petersons Worldwide!
Ubiquity signing Sa-Ra Creative Partners were voted the winner of the John Peel “Play More Jazz” Award.

Ubiquity Records produced a limited-edition Margin CD exclusively for Margin visitors featuring tracks from fresh artists such as Sa-Ra Creative Partners, Roy Davis Jr and Breakestra, as well as providing the soundtrack to the show.

1. Strings & things
Roy Davis Jr URCD155
2. See my eyes
Greyboy URCD144
3. Rose
Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra URCD153
4. The Louise & Askby Appreciation Society
Nobody UR12148
5. Separately Together
John Arnold UR12149
6. Death of a Star
Sa-Ra Creative Partners UR12162
7. Your Day is Done
Platinum Pied Pipers UR12160
8. My Soul is Electric
Roy Davis Jr URCD155
9. Bombakiss
Jeremy Ellis UR12157
10.You Don’t Need a Dance!
Breakestra UR12159
11.A Request
Ohmega Watts UR12145
12.Drum Monkey
Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra URCD153
Theo Parrish URCD151
As One URCD158

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