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Margin is pleased to welcome Catskills Records who will be providing the sounds of the February 2010 exhibition, as well as a limited-edition CD exclusively for visiting buyers and press featuring tracks from their great roster of artists +If you think you don’t know the output of fiercely independent Catskills Records, then think again. With a slice of infectious breakbeat funk, label-signing Feature Cast invigorated an Apple iPod TV ad, and Pepe Deluxe sound-tracked Levi’s biggest and most successful advertising campaign to date. +

Independent label Catskills Records was formed in 1996 by a London / Brighton collective to release underground talent from their home turf. The label represents the best that both scenes have to offer, and has since spread it’s wings to other parts of the UK with Bushy, Zero Theory, Sonorous Star, Nylon Rhythm Machine, Black Grass, Vibra and now to Europe and the rest of the world with the signings of Pepe Deluxe and Husky Rescue from Finland and Capsule from Germany +

There is no particular formula, no particular style and no particular genre of music that represents Catskills; it’s all about the Head Nod Factor: if it’s got it then they’ll spin it +

Catskills is run by people involved at every stage of the game, DJ’s, producers, and designers, with the emphasis always on experimentation, artistic freedom and artist diversity +

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