Exhibitor Preview + FEB 2012 + Shara + 10 Years of Margin

SHARA Exhibiting at Margin in February, Shara will be showcasing their latest range of affordable glamour. With a passion for exotic colour and luxe fabrics, from chiffons to crepe satins, Shara drapes and embellishes with delicate embroideries to create a range of feminine dresses. With a strong belief in ‘Fashion with Heart’, Shara donates a […]

Exhibitor Preview + FEB 2012 + Nooka + 10 Years of Margin

NOOKA We’re pleased to welcome back Nooka to the 10 year edition of Margin in February 2012 with their latest range of unique timepieces. Nooka have reinvented the way time is presented with their stylish watches available in a huge range of colours and designs. Nooka have exhibiting at Margin several times in the past […]

Exhibitor Preview + FEB 2012 + SEVENTYSEVEN + 10 Years of Margin

Seventyseven A long-standing Margin exhibitor (they launched at Margin back in August 2003 and have exhibited several times over the 10 years of shows), Seventyseven return for the 10 year edition in February 2012 with their music-inspired range of menswear. Drawing their influences from classic vinyl art, strong t-shirt prints remain a cornerstone for Seventyseven, […]

Exhibitor Preview + FEB 2012 + Dainty Damsels + 10 Years of Margin

DAINTY DAMSELS We’re pleased to showcase the trade debut of Dainty Damsels with their extensive range of jewellery and accessories. From Mexican skulls and leopards to nautical symbols and flowers, Dainty Damsels presents a wide range of jewellery that can accessorise anyone’s outfit, from a Shoreditch trendmaker to a Chelsea fashionista. Bracelets, brooches, earrings, necklaces […]

Exhibitor Preview + FEB 2012 + 2wnt4 + 10 Years of Margin

2WNT4 New Leicester-based streetwear label 2wnt4 will be making their global trade debut at Margin in February 2012 with their range of premium prints for men. The latest drop from 2wnt4 includes tees and crewneck sweats featuring well-executed graphics with a nostalgic feel through the typography and illustrations, inspired by the American Dream, the 1930’s, […]

Exhibitor Preview + FEB 2012 + AsakeOge + 10 Years of Margin

ASAKEOGE AsakeOge will be launching their new range of glamourous dresses created from French silk and silk jersey at Margin in February 2012. A bold colour palette inspired by tropical climes and African fabrics infuses artfully cut and draped dresses, from red-carpet worthy pieces to daywear.With a made-to-measure service available, AsakeOge are able to offer […]

Exhibitor Preview + FEB 2012 + ODM + 10 Years of Margin

ODM WATCHES Making their London trade debut, the new distributors of ODM will be exhibiting their latest range of watches at Margin in February 2012. ODM have collaborated with designer Jean Charles de Castelbajac to create the JCDC range of pop timepieces as well as working with seminal collectible toy makers Qee to produce the […]

10 Years of Margin London + Limited Edition 10 Year Book +

A sneak-peek at the limited-edition 10 year book for buyers and press visiting Margin London in February 2012 +

Media Partner + FEB 2012 + Sportswear International + 10 Year Show +

Great to welcome Sportswear International as a Media Partner for the February 2012 edition of Margin London when we’ll be celebrating 10 Years of exhibitions + www.sportswearnet.com

Media Partner + FEB 2012 + Little White Lies + 10 Year Show +

Great to welcome Little White Lies as a Media Partner for the February 2012 edition of Margin London when we’ll be celebrating 10 Years of exhibitions + www.littlewhitelies.co.uk