FashionUnited + New Venue, New Season, New Brands at Margin London

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FashionUnited + International Brands at Margin in New Olympia Venue

Thanks to FashionUnited:

Margin Labels Head To Tokyo +

Margin London is the only UK event exclusively running an exchange programme with IFF, Tokyo’s largest fashion trade event. Exhibitors at the August 2013 edition of Margin, which takes place on the 4th & 5th, are able to apply to exhibit free of charge at the IFF show in Tokyo from the 17th to 19th July 2013. […]

Exhibitor Preview + AUG 2013 + Fairytales & Hidden Notes

August 2013 Preview + Fairytales & Hidden Notes

Returning to Margin following their trade debut in February, Fairytales & Hidden Notes is a range of affordable women’s jewellery that takes inspiration from all that is vintage, romantic and playful. From necklaces to unique collar pieces, the brand has become a firm favourite with celebrities and shoppers alike. Discover the latest designs exclusively at […]

Exhibitor Preview + AUG 2013 + Bijouxellery

August 2013 Preview + Bijouxellery at Margin London

Making their European trade debut at Margin London in August 2013, Bijouxellery offer practical yet playful men’s accessories. Founded in Japan by Yuki, the designer, who trained at the London College of Fashion, the range allows men to affirm their individuality within the style confines of the business environment. Bijouxellery’s range of high quality cufflinks […]

Exhibitor Preview + FEB 2013 + Mona Mara

Mona Mara at Margin London February 2013

MONA MARA Global Debut at Margin London, February 2013 +  A brand new range of desirable jewellery, Mona Mara will be making their global debut at Margin London in February 2013 with their collection of instant classics. From London landscapes to hand gestures and seals, Mona Mara brings a breath of fresh air to jewellery […]

TheCool + Margin London 12-13 Feb Event Recap

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Exhibitor Preview + FEB 2012 + Dainty Damsels + 10 Years of Margin

DAINTY DAMSELS We’re pleased to showcase the trade debut of Dainty Damsels with their extensive range of jewellery and accessories. From Mexican skulls and leopards to nautical symbols and flowers, Dainty Damsels presents a wide range of jewellery that can accessorise anyone’s outfit, from a Shoreditch trendmaker to a Chelsea fashionista. Bracelets, brooches, earrings, necklaces […]

Exhibitor Preview + Ridley & Dowse + AUG 2010 + GILD

Exhibitor Preview + Kate Garey + AUG 2010 + GILD