February 2004 + Ruby Foo

Ruby Foo Exhibitor Website Ruby Foo was a dream that came true. Knowing absolutely nothing about fashion, manufacturing, marketing or distribution, Lucy decided to set up her own illustrated women’s clothing label Ruby Foo and launched at Glastonbury 2002 and then went on to feature at the Big Chill festival. The label grew very slowly […]

Trendcentral Newsletter March 2004

Fall fashion trends. Plus: Luxury Fashion Network One of our London correspondents got the inside scoop at Margin London, the leading alternative streetwear tradeshow in the UK. Here are the Fall/Winter 2004 trends she saw: Fabrics: *The one major Fall 2004 trend running through the fashion industry is the use of more traditional and luxurious […]

Art + February 2004 + Sarah Gregory

Transforming the bar area of the womens edition of Margin into an artists studio, Sarah Gregory converts erotic imagery into fine art with traditional paint applications. Sarah Gregory’s most recent exhibition of drawings and paintings was entitled ‘The Twenty Five Loves Of Silas Holmes’ at the Space Gallery in Pimlico. Three of the works were […]

Art + February 2004 + Ruby Foo

Graphic Designer Lucy Cullingford displayed a range of canvases in the entrance of the womens edition of Margin. As well as her graphic and art work, Lucy has also found time to establish a range of printed womens clothing called Ruby Foo which she exhibited for the first time at Margin.

Art + February 2004 + Danielle Roberts

Danielle Roberts installed her printed perspex chairs, footstools, plaques and clothes-hangers in the Magazine reading area at the womens edition of Margin. Practical items that can be customised to suit their surroundings, the perspex clothes-hangers can be printed to match particular retail environments and store- or label- branding.

Margin London February 2004 + Womens Edition

February 2004 + Womens Edition + Belka Blythe Borba Margo Brennan & Burch Done to Death by Reino EIO Clothing Electricity Fake Fame will come later Fiona & Luke Fish & Friend Fugue Gentle Fawn Get Cutie Hixsept Iggi Kitten Lazy Oaf Maria Lau Memes / Arkness OneK Pascalokada Poetic Punk Post Rebecca Jay Ruby […]

Art + February 2004 + Tank Theory + Margin Tee

TANK THEORY Following on from the Margin August 2003 T-shirt design by Remi/Rough, Margin invited Boston-based graphic supremos Tank Theory to remix the Margin logo into an orignal graphic. We were so pleased with their handywork, we not only printed the t-shirts with the image but also slapped it on the show-guide and Margin/Ubiquity collaboration […]

Music + February 2004 + Ubiquity Records

UBIQUITY Ubiquity Records from California made their UK debut at Margin with their range of music-influenced Mens- and womens-wear. Ubiquity Records from California made their UK debut at Margin with their range of music-influenced Mens- and womens-wear.They also sponsored the music for both the Mens and womens editions and provided the soundtrack to both shows. […]

Art + February 2004 + They Made Me Do It

THEY MADE ME DO IT As well as exhibiting their new clothing line at Margin, They Made Me Do It were invited to install a selection of their artists work at the Mens show. They Made Me Do It is a collective made up of 12 of the best artists emerging from the UK Graffiti […]

Art + February 2004 + Subsurface

SUBSURFACE For the February 2004 edition of the mens show, Margin invited British clothing label Subsurface to work their graphic and illustrative magic in the bar area. The result was an all-encompassing and engrossing sextych representing their artwork which also spelled out the word “MARGIN”.