TheCool Fashion + Margin Tradeshow Event Review

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Exhibitor Spotlight + La Cie Vantis x Sixpack France

Sixpack France x La Cie Vantis at Margin London February 2013

EXHIBITOR SPOTLIGHT: LA CIE VANTIS Umbrellas are a vital part of life, especially in Great Britain, throughout the year. Summer’s can be a washout and winter’s can be seriously damp, yet umbrellas are generally plain, black, and dull. Step forward a new French label from Lille in Northern France called La Cie Vantis who are […]

Exhibitor Preview + FEB 2013 + La Cie Vantis

La Cie Vantis at Margin London February 2013

LA CIE VANTIS UK Debut at Margin London, February 2013 + Making their UK debut at Margin in February 2013, La Cie Vantis takes inspiration from their home of Brittany in Northern France to create a range of umbrellas, hats, and scarves for men & women that protects and shields from the elements in style. […]

Exhibitor Preview + Hotel of Things + FEB 2011