Trendcentral Newsletter August 2007

Trends from the fashion tradeshow

We recently checked out Margin London, the leading alternative streetwear tradeshow in the UK. Here’s a quick rundown of the major trends from the show:

Nu Rave: Nu Rave has been bubbling under for a couple of seasons now and if Margin is any indication, it won’t be a flash in the pan trend. In fact, the smiley face looks set to take over from where the skull and crossbones left off. The iconic image, created in 1971, has been developed by the trademark owners into a full collection of tees and sweats, available in a rainbow of day-glo shades, for men and women. PVC, oiled polyester and onionskin nylon in florescent shades were popular at White Trash for Cash and Miss Milne. Accessories from Fiona and Luke and Stylex were also channeling the early 90s club scene style.

Fair Trade? No Sweat!: The backlash to sweatshop labor has influenced even more new brands to operate with an ethical outlook. Traditional European craftsmanship and limited edition hand printed garments replaced cookie cutter factory goods. Revived 70s shoe brand Monbianco was a hit; available in original retro styles, the history and social consciousness of the handmade Italian footwear appealed to retailers and press. Los Cojones del Perro’s line is produced by language-restricted South African tribal workers unable to find work elsewhere. Leather accessories designer Gretchen and UK knitwear brand Vacant only use specialist factories in Europe and the UK.

New Brands To Watch: Now in its second season, the 101 area of the show continues to provide a launch pad for new designers making their debut. Particularly noteworthy was 2-in-1 shoe brand Nat-2, whose sneaker unzips to reveal a slide. Four Holes, Stunt Double and Agharta made a strong impression on streetwear retailers. Womenswear brand Emily and Fin’s collection of blouses, skirts and dresses was also very well received.

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