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Hulger - the original pokia

Closed auction
Customised Phone Auction

We always work with designers, artists & other people we like, to produce limited edition or one-off custom HULGER handsets. We auction their work on this site to raise money for good causes.

To open this up we got together with Margin, the streetwear show, who brought five designers to go to work on some of our old phones: the Ealing Drive & the Ealing Concept 3000. The results are below.

All proceeds will be going to Oxfam to help raise awareness about disasters going on all over the world. After the Tsunami & the incredible support that came from around the world, Oxfam is trying to draw people’s attentions to other disasters which are claiming & ruining just as many, if not more – such as the civil war in Uganda, a conflict whose fighters are mostly child soldiers.
How the auction works

These are closed bid auctions, which means that no-one knows what the highest bid is until the auction is over.

To bid please send us an e-mail with name & your bid through the email link next to each customisation. After the auction is over we will contact the highest bidder to tell them that they have won.

If you want to be kept up to date with news of any new auctions & customised phones join the HULGER list.
Finish Date
1st July


Founders Barney Trattles and Rachael Taylor call themselves a style brand as opposed to a fashion label. Coming from a fine art/graffiti background as well as fashion, the clothing has been the main product focus so far but has always been seen as a vehicle would open up other areas. They see the creation of art shows and installations as invaluable outlets that allow them to flex their creative muscles to communicate context.

Junky Styling

Junky Styling

Annika Sanders and Kerry Seager made clothes for themselves initially and after countless compliments on their clothing a business was born. Second Hand traditional suits are deconstructed and then redesigned into twister tailored garments. Now 7 years later with their well-established store in Dray Walk, Brick Lane, Junky Styling continue to produce directional tailoring and grow a loyal following.

New Future Graphic

New Future Graphic

A design studio based in London, New Future Graphic work across many sectors including the music industry, fashion, publishing, retail, events and marketing. Their clients include the BBC, Playstation, BMG, WEA, Conde Nast, IPC, and The Illustrated Ape magazine. New Future Graphic is headed by Marcus Walters and Gareth White who have worked together for over 10 years and as a partnership since 2003.

Revolution or Death

Revolution or Death

In 2003 during the “post 9/11 years” and the ensuing U.S. “Imperialist Expansion”, Revolution or Death was created by a former Slade fine art graduate disenchanted with western democracy. Drawing on youth culture and Cuban politics as a starting point, Revolution or Death brings “nu-guerilla wear” to the streets. Available from the X-Large Store (Broadwick St), as well as Bad Habits, Casino, Eden, Exit, Fishboy, Freeriderstores and Nudge.



Supremebeing are a family of artists in which some paint, some sketch, some use computers and some make music. As well as creating unique canvases for the February 2005 edition of Margin London, Supremebeing have been busy painting the walls at the new store by Richmond Classics, Geeks and Freaks.Supremebeing are extending their range from clothing and canvases to include vinyl figures as part of their new “Not Toys” series due soon.

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