Art + February 2005 + Hulger Auction + featuring I-saw, Junky Styling, New Future Graphic, Revolution or Death, and Supremebeing Website July 2005 We always work with designers, artists & other people we like, to produce limited edition or one-off custom HULGER handsets. We auction their work on this site to raise money for good causes. To open this up we got together with Margin, the streetwear show, who brought five designers to go […]

Art + February 2005 + Hulger + featuring I-saw, Junky Styling, New Future Graphic, Revolution or Death, and Supremebeing

HULGER (The Phone Formerly Known as POKIA) The customised handsets were auctioned at the Hulger website for charity + Bids were placed for a good cause + visit: A new invention from web-creative Nicolas Roope, Hulger is the brand name for a range of retro landline handsets converted to work with mobile phones as […]

Margin London February 2005

Images from February 2005 2sickbastards 28 Black Beyond The Valley Block Headwear Bonnie & Clyde Because We Were Bored Brennan & Burch Dephect Department of Works Dua Columba Dumm EIO Clothing Get Casual Goodvibes Heidi Seeker Hick Industries Holt Royale Iggi / Handbuilt Press Imperfectionist I Saved Laurence I-Saw Junkfunk Junky Styling Komodo Kontakt Lady […]

Margin London August 2004

August 2004 20four7 AlphaBetCity Airside Block Headwear Brennan & Burch Cell Division Dephect Dirty Boy Disturbia Dudley Estoy Get Casual Goodvibes Heidi Seeker Hixsept Iggi Ili I Love It Imperfectionist I Saved Laurence Junkfunk Junky Styling Lady Luck Rules OK Lazy Oaf London Denim Marada MbyM New Urban OK47 Onjoo Mac Pascalokada Pauls Boutique Propaganda […]

Margin London August 2004

MARGIN LONDON 8th & 9th August 2004, from 10am til 6pm Showcasing upscale streetwear & directional tailoring, the August 2004 edition of MARGIN LONDON will preview a well-edited collection of clothing and accessories ranges for Men and Women from 70 hand-picked premium labels, including many new design start-ups. AIRSIDE, APESTEIN, BEBERT, BLOCK HEADWEAR, BRENNAN & […]