Exhibitor Preview + GILD + Punky Pins

Punky Pins
Strongly influenced by Japanese street fashions and bold pop art prints, Punky Pins made their first piece of jewellery using plastic gumball charms and other kitsch 80s memorabilia.

Their current collection includes their distinctive ‘Starburst’ range pictured here; a colourful ensemble of laser cut acrylic stars. Other stories include the ‘Junk’ range, an audacious collection of vintage gumball charms and other kitsch goodies loaded onto bracelets and necklaces, the ‘Rockstar’ range, cute enamel star guitars created using their own logo, and their tattoo- inspired ‘Swoopin’ Swallow’ collection.

Punky Pins will be making their trade exhibition debut at GILD in Margin London.

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