Exhibitor Preview + GILD + Punky Pins

PUNKY PINS Exhibiting in GILD at Margin
PUNKY PINS IN ACCESSORIES GILD  AT MARGIN LONDON Punky Pins made their successful trade show debut at Margin in August 2007 and will be returning to GILD in February 2008 to showcase their new range of colourful handmade jewellery and accessories.
Punky Pins are rapidly creating a name for themselves within the fashion industry and further afield, with celebrities such as Peaches Geldof and Kelly Osbourne being huge fans. They have also been featured in high profile titles such as Glamour, Grazia, the Mirror, and Heat.

Strongly influenced by Japanese street fashions and bold pop art prints, Punky Pins will be exhibiting their new lines of jewellery at GILD in Margin including the Comic Book badges and necklaces pictured here.

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