Exhibitor Preview + Lazy Oaf + FEB 2010 + The Tee Room

LAZY OAF SOV WATCH  Love her or hate her, rapper Lady Sovereign undoubtedly won herself new fans by ditching the Adidas tracksuits in favour of a more directional streetwear look + Lady Sovereign surprised many by deciding to enter the Celebrity Big Brother house of the infamous Channel 4 show, but not as surprised as Margin exhibitor Lazy Oaf + 'SOV', real name Louise Harman, is no official spokes-person for the brand (in the way that Cheryl Cole's hair extensions are for L'Oreal) but bought the Lazy Oaf goods herself which is no greater endorsement + She survived the first eviction, turned Vinnie Jones into a grumpy old man moaning (about corned beef of all things), but now she's out of the house, all we care about is which Lazy Oaf garms Sov wore on the show + Here's the round-up + LAZY OAF SOV WATCH  EXHIBITING AT THE 18TH EDITION OF MARGIN LONDON IN FEB 2010  DON'T BE SQUARE TEE SRP £25  ROSY BEAR SWEAT SRP £39  PYRAMID NECKLACE SRP £16  HAPPY/SAD REVERSIBLE SWEAT SRP £44  CITYSCAPE SWEAT SRP £29

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