New Year, New Season, New Brands, New Designers

New Year New Season New Brands New Designers

Thank goodness the Mayans had it wrong and the world didn’t end in 2012, as there are so many great new UK & international labels making their global debuts at Margin London in February 2013.

From Korean and Japanese tailoring to French and British streetwear, Margin is back in February 2013 to present an edited mix of exciting men’s and women’s brands that would add an exclusive point-of-difference to any retail line-up.

To emphasise, when we say new brands at Margin, we don’t just mean new to our show, which is what most other events seem to mean; we mean brand-spanking, never-been-seen-before, making-their-global-debut, new! So you can be first to jump on an exciting new brand and get in on the ground floor before it spreads into the mainstream.

Shoppers need a reason and excitement to visit a store and new exclusive designers provide this.

To quote a couple of successful retailers who understand the importance of offering new designers to consumers, “We’ve always stocked new designers since we launched 35 years ago but we are more committed now… because they sell. Some of our young designers are outselling established names such as Vivienne Westwood” said

Urban Industry adds “As an independent we need to have a point of difference. I definitely put it down to why we’re still actually going after 10 years because we do have hard-to-find stuff that’s just coming through that some of the bigger stores… can’t jump on as quickly.”

Discover great new labels exclusively at Margin this February on the 10th & 11th at The Music Room.

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