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New Year, New Season, New Brands, New Designers

New Year New Season New Brands New Designers

Thank goodness the Mayans had it wrong and the world didn’t end in 2012, as there are so many great new UK & international labels making their global debuts at Margin London in February 2013. From Korean and Japanese tailoring to French and British streetwear, Margin is back in February 2013 to present an edited […]

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Sportswear International #220 Sportswear International #220 Jul/Aug 2008 Spotlight: Margin London PHOTO: URBANINDUSTRY.CO.UK Blog

Urban Industry Blog An interview with Retreat Clothing Urban Industry Store first came across Retreat Clothing about 2 years ago at the London Fashion show, Margin..yeah, ok, we dragged our heals on getting on board with some stock but hey! Better late than never! Retreat Clothing is the brainchild of Paul Sid and the designs […]

Feeling the love

“Margin proved to be the gem of this seasons fashion shows! The enthusiasm from the new and up coming brands really rubbed off on us and left us feeling upbeat for the season ahead especially after just having such a difficult selling period. Margin has reminded us why we got into this game in the […]