OBEY at MARGIN in August 2010 +

OBEY AT MARGIN   Margin is pleased to welcome iconic American brand OBEY who will be exhibiting at the 19th edition of the trade show in August 2010 +  The OBEY clothing range, established in 2001 by world-renowned artist Shepard Fairey, will be showcasing their full range of ladies clothing and accessories at Margin.   While OBEY is a large established brand in terms of presence and stockist base, they're fundamentally an independent and progressive label inspired by the same art and design drives as the new and emerging designers selected to launch at Margin every season + OBEY AT MARGIN LONDON +   Famous for the viral Andre the Giant posters and recent campaigns such as the Obama HOPE prints and fund-raising HAITI designs, OBEY's influence is far-ranging, both in design and cultural reach +    OBEY will be exhibiting at the 19th edition of Margin London in August 2010 +

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