The Cool + 10 Years of Margin London Book for iPad

Thanks to TheCoolFashion for the news piece about the 10 Year book on iPad:

Exhibitor Preview + FEB 2012 + Gingko Press + 10 Years of Margin

GINGKO PRESS We’re pleased to welcome back Gingko Press following their UK trade debut at Margin in August 2011. Gingko Press produce amazing publications that cover art, street culture, illustration, photography, packaging, graphics, interiors (home and retail), and any other subject that’s worthy of a beautifully-constructed tome. From the Untitled series to Shepard Fairey and […]

Exhibitor Preview + Gingko Press + AUG 2011

Exhibitor Preview + OBEY + AUG 2011

Exhibitor Preview + OBEY + FEB 2011 +

Sportswear International News

Art Preview + Shepard Fairey + AUG 2010

Exhibitor Preview + OBEY + AUG 2010 + Kreateur

Drapers News + Obey at Margin

OBEY at MARGIN in August 2010 +