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London, England, 10 Aug. 2007

At Margin (, which ran August 5 to 7, a new initiative, Accessories Gild, presented a consistent slew of labels encompassing handbags, jewelry, socks, scarves and even the odd tie. A collection of abstractly printed clutches and scarves by Stateek (, was one highlight and Punky Pins ( charmed visitors with its clubby, quirky jewelry range.

On the apparel side, Oak Jeans ( showcased its collection in the section dedicated to new names, 101. Although the label is still in its infancy and offers a limited number of styles, it is reaping the awards after being featured to great acclaim on the prime time TV UK reality show, WAGs Boutique.

The fluoro color fad, which was absent elsewhere, made an appearance at Margin where it manifested itself in the collections of White Trash for Cash and Chateau Roux, among others. (Evidently, the New Rave trend is not yet ready to put its dancing shoes on the shelf, at least in London, the club mecca of the world.)

Margin’s producers reported that attendance at the latest edition matched that of the February 2007 show, which saw a 40% increase from the prior one.

– Emma Holmqvist, London Correspondent

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