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Sportswear International #220

Sportswear International #220  Jul/Aug 2008  Spotlight: Margin London  PHOTO: URBANINDUSTRY.CO.UK  Odysseas, Organizer  In your opinion are there too many apparel trade shows?  There are a lot of trade events across Europe and the USa, but I don't think there are too many as the market has a way of eradicating excess. If a show isn't working it doesn't last long and since Margin first started presenting upscale streetwear and directional tailoring in 2002, we've seen six events come and go in London alone and there are countless others across Europe and the USA that haven't lasted.  How can the trade show industry develop to accommodate an evolving fashion industry? Is there room for growth/  There is room for growth but possibly only at the expense of altering some existing events. Perhaps other shows should evolve to tailor more niche segments and then buyers from that area can decide accordingly which show to visit - for example, a small-scal event specializing in men's tailoring or women's footwear, as opposed to 'mega-shows' trying to appeal to everyine. The feedback I've had about events of 200 brands or more is that it's difficult to find the focus of the event and it ultminately becomes a scoial gathering as oppoed to a place to do business.  How would you describe the general 'health' of apparel trade shows (considering the economy/retailing/competition,etc.)?  I guess some other events are at the mercy of 'superbrands' and whether they choose to cut back on their exhibition budgets but [at Margin] don't have that issue. If the economy and retailing gets tougher, buyers will need focused and niche trade shows to discover fresh product targeted to their customers.
Sportswear International #220 Jul/Aug 2008
Spotlight: Margin London

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