Margin London February 2006

2sickbastards Abuze London Allpurpose Workshop Apestein Concrete Hermit Crossfader Dephect Detour El Ganso El Ganso FFYR / Agharta Get Cutie Ginch Gonch Girlgang Hardboiled inc Heidi Seeker Holt Royale Ili – I Love it I Saved Laurence Joker and Thief Junkfunk Kangol Kulte Lady Luck Rules OK Lazy Oaf Loaf Loaf New Future Graphic New […]

Art + February 2006 + Let Them Hang

LET THEM HANG A new art website straight out of Bristol, bringing you a heavyweight collective of street artists, graphic designers and illustrators. A3 and A2 sized LTD edition, hand screened art prints, each limited to 150 prints. Exclusive guest artists, touring exhibitions, original pieces of art, stickers, ltd edition t-shirts and lots more. Artists […]

Art + February 2006 + Hellovon

HELLOVON Hellovon was begun half way into 2005 and has since risen to a warm reception across the world. Run by 25 year old London based illustrator Von, clients to date include Oglivy and Mather, Dazed and Confused and Esquire among many other magazines from both the UK and US. His work draws strongly from […]

Margin London August 2005

August 2005 3rd Born 28 Black & Island Records Artbox / Arkness Because we were Bored Broke Bamboo Cuban Vintage Dephect Dept of Works Disorder & Gordon McQueen Elvin Clovin Enamore Flying Eyeball Galibardy Glo4life Goodvibes Groundzero Heidi Seeker I Saved Laurence Itsus Junky Styling Komodo Kontakt Kulte Lady Luck Rules OK Lazy Oaf Loop […]

Margin London August 2005

Art + August 2005 + Nacha by Supremebeing

Nacha by Supremebeing Canvases on display at Margin in August 2005

Art + August 2005 + David Walker

David Walker Inspired by his friends, enemies and idols and working within the design and fashion industries, David’s visual style has evolved into an eclectic mix. Incorporating paint, pen, mac and material as well as his head, heart and hands… For Margin David is showing some recent illustrations and a first glimpse of artwork from […]

Art + August 2005 + Hiryze

Hiryze ‘Safe Haven’ Sometimes there’s more to things than first meets the eye. Just because a person shouts the loudest doesn’t mean they have the most to say. Hiryze doesn’t shout, he sits back and absorbs the world around him and then projects it onto paper. Hiryze manages to combine simplicity with style, nearly exclusively […]

Art + February 2005 + Hulger + featuring I-saw, Junky Styling, New Future Graphic, Revolution or Death, and Supremebeing

HULGER (The Phone Formerly Known as POKIA) The customised handsets were auctioned at the Hulger website for charity + Bids were placed for a good cause + visit: A new invention from web-creative Nicolas Roope, Hulger is the brand name for a range of retro landline handsets converted to work with mobile phones as […]

Art + February 2005 + Supremebeing

Supremebeing Supremebeing are a family of artists in which some paint, some sketch, some use computers and some make music. As well as creating unique canvases for the February 2005 edition of Margin London, Supremebeing have been busy painting the walls at the new store by Richmond Classics, Geeks and Freaks. Supremebeing are extending their […]