Exhibitor Preview + GILD + Mimoco

MIMOCO Exhibiting in GILD at Margin Mimoco made their successful European debut at Margin in August 2007 and will return to the accessories area GILD in February 2008. Mimoco have expanded their range, with recent releases including Star Wars, Halo, the web cult hit Happy Tree Friends, and Artist Series crossovers with graffiti artists, and […]

Drapers August 2007

Drapers Report

Hicalorie + Blog

Hicalorie Exhibitor 08.05.07 Margin London Show sees a great start to the Hicalorie clothing line. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to talk to us and pass the time on the day, and Drapers, Streetwear Today, Sportswear International & WAD Magazines for all the very kind words! www.hicalorie.com

Exhibitor Preview + GILD + Mimoco

Mimoco We’re pleased to welcome the flash-bots of Mimoco to GILD, the new London showcase for accessories brands taking place in Margin. With different artists invited each year to customise these USB flashbots, Mimoco would cohabit comfortably next to any Bearbrick but with the added benefit of being a functional memory device as well as […]

Exhibitor Preview + The Tee Room + Upper Playground

Upper Playground With a highly respected art gallery, DVDs, and books on the go, forward-thinking San Franscisco collective Upper Playground return to Margin with their collection of wearable art. With a list of collaborators that reads like a Who’s Who of contemporary art including Sam Flores, Andy Jenkins, The London Police, Dave Kinsey, Estevan Oriol, […]

Art + February 2005 + Supremebeing

Supremebeing Supremebeing are a family of artists in which some paint, some sketch, some use computers and some make music. As well as creating unique canvases for the February 2005 edition of Margin London, Supremebeing have been busy painting the walls at the new store by Richmond Classics, Geeks and Freaks. Supremebeing are extending their […]

Art + August 2003 + Evil Tony, Lazy Oaf

EVIL TONY DOLLS Welcome to the world of Evil Tony and friends. All dolls come from stories and illustrations by Gemma Shiel, the creator of Lazy Oaf. Evil tony himself is a bad sort, a bit of a loner, that is until he did some time at Her Majesties pleasure, where he was able to […]

Art + August 2003 + Pete Fowler

PETE FOWLER Pete Fowler, famous for his Monsterism art and toys, waved his eye wand over the free bar and magazine area at the Mens edition. The mysterious Island of Monsterism – it’s a place that David Attenborough fears to tread and Discovery Channel have yet to discover. Their heroic finder, Pete Fowler, has ventured […]