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ANTOINETTE ARMS BAGSLAG “Had an awesome time at Margin, lots of new stockists to come!” Bagslag + BANTUM “Thanks for the show, really happy with how it went and loved the venue. We took orders at the show, some big boys showed some interest, and international style sites took some snaps. I feel its our […]

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Drapers August 2007

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Feeling the love

“As a first time exhibitor it’s hard to decide which show is the one that will cater to your market fully, never wanting to waste any opportunity. Perfectly Flawed found Margin to be a fun, light hearted, friendly environment where there was a great mix of styles, tastes and brands! The venue was chic and […]

Exhibitor Preview + 101 + Perfectly Flawed

Perfectly Flawed Making their international debut exclusively at Margin, Perfectly Flawed will be exhibiting in August. With a strong industry background creating designs for brands such as H&M, Bershka, Zara Jeans, Mango and many others, the lack of creativity got too frustrating for Karl Slater. The antidote was the creation of Perfectly Flawed. Designing on […]

Margin London August 2007

+++ MARGIN LOCATION & DATES +++ The Vinyl Factory Gallery + 45 (rear) Foubert’s Place Entrance from Marshall Street + London W1F Venue Map online at: Sunday Monday & Tuesday 5th 6th & 7th August 2007 Sun 5th Aug: 11am til 6pm Mon 6th Aug: 10am til 6pm Tue 7th Aug: 10am til 3pm […]