Drapers August 2007

Drapers Report

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Hicalorie Exhibitor 08.05.07 Margin London Show sees a great start to the Hicalorie clothing line. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to talk to us and pass the time on the day, and Drapers, Streetwear Today, Sportswear International & WAD Magazines for all the very kind words! www.hicalorie.com

Margin London August 2007

+++ MARGIN LOCATION & DATES +++ The Vinyl Factory Gallery + 45 (rear) Foubert’s Place Entrance from Marshall Street + London W1F Venue Map online at: www.margin.tv/map Sunday Monday & Tuesday 5th 6th & 7th August 2007 Sun 5th Aug: 11am til 6pm Mon 6th Aug: 10am til 6pm Tue 7th Aug: 10am til 3pm […]