Feeling the love

“We love Margin, you guys have really done the best exhibitions that we have been to and you have really helped us and made us believe in what we do so thank you for putting these shows on. Keep up the fantastic work.” Supremebeing

Trendcentral Newsletter September 2003

What you can look out for next Spring Recently we checked out Margin London, the leading alternative streetwear tradeshow in the UK. Here are the Spring/Summer 2004 trends we saw: Colors: The dominant palette consisted of bright pastel shades of yellow, pink, green and blue, for both men’s and women’s wear. The most popular color […]

Art + August 2003 + Thunderbolt

THUNDERBOLT Thunderbolt recreated a natural environment in the main room at Margin 2003 with a specially commissioned sound installation. Using original field recordings the installation drew attention to the sonic beauty and sources of familiar natural sounds, evoking sensual memories. Thunderbolt’s sound installations are easy to relate to and use familiar technology such as portable […]

Art + August 2003 + Kavel

KAVEL Kavel Rafferty’s new work is a modern tongue in cheek look at sexual roles. By fetishising the domestic and mundane, it explores the polarised identities available to women. The viewer feels drawn into a voyeuristic world in which they watch the intimate moments of the subjects unfold before them from a hidden vantage point. […]

Art + August 2003 + Evil Tony, Lazy Oaf

EVIL TONY DOLLS Welcome to the world of Evil Tony and friends. All dolls come from stories and illustrations by Gemma Shiel, the creator of Lazy Oaf. Evil tony himself is a bad sort, a bit of a loner, that is until he did some time at Her Majesties pleasure, where he was able to […]

Margin London August 2003

Images from the August 2003 Womens Edition American Apparel Bessies Undies Be You K Blythe Con Chi Esco Stasera CX London Delphine Electricity Florinda Schnitzel Geek Boutique Get Casual Get Cutie Idols Ili I Love It Ki Shirts OK47 Savage Slush Template Traffic People

Drapers August 2003

Drapers Aug 2003

Drapers August 2003

Drapers August 2003

Art + August 2003 + Pete Fowler

PETE FOWLER Pete Fowler, famous for his Monsterism art and toys, waved his eye wand over the free bar and magazine area at the Mens edition. The mysterious Island of Monsterism – it’s a place that David Attenborough fears to tread and Discovery Channel have yet to discover. Their heroic finder, Pete Fowler, has ventured […]

Pure Magazine August 2003

Pure Magazine August 2003