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Drapers August 2007

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Feeling the love

“Margin is actually one of my favourite Trade Shows. I can always find fresh new directional brands offering something unique. It is also a great place to catch up with brands who are developing to a stage where they are ready to maintain a concession in the Topshop flagship store. More choice and variety, really […]


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Feeling the love

“It’s a great show to visit and year on year it gets better and better, I always find brands that are new and refreshing and exciting, Margin showcases new brands that you don’t see in any other trade shows.” Topshop Concessions

Art + August 2003 + Kavel

KAVEL Kavel Rafferty’s new work is a modern tongue in cheek look at sexual roles. By fetishising the domestic and mundane, it explores the polarised identities available to women. The viewer feels drawn into a voyeuristic world in which they watch the intimate moments of the subjects unfold before them from a hidden vantage point. […]