Art + February 2004 + Subsurface

SUBSURFACE For the February 2004 edition of the mens show, Margin invited British clothing label Subsurface to work their graphic and illustrative magic in the bar area. The result was an all-encompassing and engrossing sextych representing their artwork which also spelled out the word “MARGIN”.

Art + August 2003 + Evil Tony, Lazy Oaf

EVIL TONY DOLLS Welcome to the world of Evil Tony and friends. All dolls come from stories and illustrations by Gemma Shiel, the creator of Lazy Oaf. Evil tony himself is a bad sort, a bit of a loner, that is until he did some time at Her Majesties pleasure, where he was able to […]

Art + August 2003 + Pete Fowler

PETE FOWLER Pete Fowler, famous for his Monsterism art and toys, waved his eye wand over the free bar and magazine area at the Mens edition. The mysterious Island of Monsterism – it’s a place that David Attenborough fears to tread and Discovery Channel have yet to discover. Their heroic finder, Pete Fowler, has ventured […]


All Photography by Tim Daly of 404 Design The 7 year old classmates at St. Lukes School on Old Street have taken time out of their busy schedule to model select pieces from Margin Exhibitors collections for your pleasure. It’s not all fashion shoots and hopskotch at St Lukes though, the classmates have a political […]